Complaint: Rude, discourteous behavior

on 31 August 2020 about Food Lion in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

This past weekend I went to store 885 to return milk that had spoiled before its sell-by date. For a $1.79 Food Lion item (that had ‘Food Lion’ written all over the carton, bar code visible and in tact), store employee ‘Jackie’ was rude, curt and refused to refund it for lack of receipt. I returned with the receipt today and was not asked for it, but was told with a smile to simply get another carton. Perplexing. I tried to speak to a manger, Tabitha, about my experience with Jackie and her rude behavior, but Tabitha turned out to be brusque, discourteous, just as rude as Jackie and actually slammed the door in my face. Her explanation was that the area was not a customer area, (there are no signs to support this) and that there is money in the office, so, for her safety she abruptly ended our conversation and slammed the door in the middle ofmy sentence. I informed her that as acustomer, I was not aware of what she had just stated but reminded her that there is a way to say things without being rude, abrupt, and certainly by not slamming a door in someone’s face. This does explain Jackie’s temperment; Like manager like employee. I like Food Lion have shopped it preferrably over other food stores in Durham. For the 17 yrs that I lived in North Durham, I have only had to return two items to the N.Roxboro St. store. At my present location, I have had to return items to this store twice in the seven months I have lived near store 885. I have never thought this store was run as well as the others. There were never hand wipes at the entrances before Covid 19 and there are none now. The only reason I kept returning is the proximty of the store to my home and the cashiers have always been pleasant and cordial. But if I have to drive an extra five minutes to another store that appreciates my patronage and treat me with more care, then, much to my chagrin, I guess I will have to do just that.

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Suggested solution:

An acknowledgement of discourteous behavior by management is always a reflection of caring for your customers. A 25% off coupon would also show that you appreciate customers spending money in your store and regret any ill behavior by your employees.

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