Food Lion complaint: Management

Complaint from Sawny13 reported on 10 March 2024 about Food Lion

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My complaint:

Management adjust time cards to take 30 minutes from employees on a daily basis without their knowledge so they can make payroll on daily. Management also creates a hostile environment based on rumors by other associates opinions to pull training from associates so they can never move up within the company. Management will also suggest when you’re on break that you’re not working and suggest for you to go home if you’re not gonna work and don’t come back. below is an image of a time card being altered to say that employee went home at 1:12 when actually they went home at 3:42.

Suggested solution:

Have management take sensitivity training and stop falling into rumors and creating rumors to create a hostile work environment for other employees and for management to stop taking time from associates time card when they actually work the time

Food Lion complaint Management
Food Lion complaint Management
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