Food Lion complaint: Instant cart pick up

Complaint from Vwilliams9969 reported on 07 October 2023 about Food Lion

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My complaint:

This happens just about every time i pick up. Stop by Food Lion in Troutmans on my way home after work to pick up our order my husband made earlier that morning. It says to call when we are there to pick. So i alwYs call and no ever picks up the phone and if someone does pick it up they will answer but hang it up so i call back again and the same thing happens again, they pick up and i hear ppl talking in the background and then they hang up on me again. I call back the third time and a guy Brian picks upband i tell him im here to pick up my order and he tells me they will be right out with it. Well 25 mins goes by and still nothing. So i call and the same thing happens again and they hang up. By this time i have been waithing for over 30 mins. So i had to go in to get my order and when i go in i see the manager and the instant cart ppl standing in a little group talking and laughing. I was absolutely horrified. The store wasnt even busy but they couldnt find the time to respond to ppl waiting outside for their order. Food Lion in troutman is very rude and they dont care how they treat customers. Hanging up on customers and not even acknowledging them outside is unacceptable. I go there everyday and this is how we get treated. We will drive an extra 5 mins to go to Publix because as least they welcome their customers and they treat their customers like human beings. You guys need a better crew of ppl and definitely managers at food lion in TROUTMAN. What a disgrace food lion in troutman. Not only that, i had ppl that brought out order out and asked for tips and i had to send a kid $5 to his cash app and u didn’t even have it to give. But i sent it anyway.

Suggested solution:

They should definitely Start answering the phones and stop hanging up and acknowledge ppl waiting outside for their order and stop making us wait and have to come in to get it. And stop being rude. Most of all you need professional management.

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