Complaint: Defamation Of Character .

on 27 April 2021 about Food Lion in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

At approximately 8:41 post meridiem , Sunday April 25th 2021 . I Mr. Jones entered the the food-lion located at 7525 Tidewater Drive ( Southern Shopping Center ) , to change out some bills for lower bills . Soon as I walked into the establishment I noticed that the customer service area of the store had closed for the night . I was approximately in the building for 1 minute and 24 seconds before heading out the front entrance of the food-lion . I gave notice to the security guard through eye contact and head movement ( body language ) due to the fact I walked into the building with a work over night fitness bag . The security guard looked back at me and gave me a head nod to be cleared to leave . I walked about 2 to 3 stores away from the food-lion as I then noticed that I was being followed by the same security officer who cleared me to leave the store in the beginning . So security informed me that he had to search my personal belongings because I walked into the store with a pretty much empty bag and left with a hefty loaded bag . As he say . I told security to call the police multiple times then I would give the bag to them and he could also view what was in the bag along with the officers . I showed him a fair amount of to show that I could pay for whatever I was being accused of stealing . Shortly after that Arthur ( security ) started to reach for my bag on multiple occasions as I decided to back off again and again . over and over . He grabbed the scrap of the bag and noticed that there is a release pin at the end of each strap . So he clicked the pin and the bag fell from my shoulders and I caught it with a hand . Arthur continued to reach for the bag so I decided to sit the bag down on the side in front of the vape shop that is located at Southern Shopping Center as well . Arthur refused to let the bag be and refused to allow me to call the cops for assistance . Arthur and I end up getting into an physical altercation and he went to grab my left leg and I put dad weight down and stretched my legs out and he fell forward as I landed on the back of Arthur ( security guard ) . While in that position I had to restrain him due to the fact he kept pursuing with aggression . As a crown gathered I asked if we could end the altercation and if he would follow me down the strip of the shopping center and he agreed . But we never fully got up and he ended up n the top of me . That is where the bodily harm comes into place as far as bruising . He decided to choke me with his forearm after I refused to fight back and put heavy weight to my chest area .He pulled my mask off after one failed attempted of doing so . After we rose from the concrete ( ground ) he went directly to the bag once more . my phone dropped put of my hooded sweat shirt and he eventually picked it up due to the fact he thought that it may have cracked and did not want to have to add it to the incident report . Once again I insisted on calling the police but at this time my phone was in Arthurs left hand along with a piece from my bag he snatched off from the strap of my bag . Arthur calmed down after a bystander stepped in vocally and asked him why are you even doing that to him ? . he actually gave me my belongings after that and walked with me down the strip in which we had agreed to do in the beginning of the altercation . Arthurs first reason to stopping me was that he noticed a roll of tissue in which I had in the front of my bag . He feels no individual walks around with tissue for some reason as he expressed to I . He later confessed that he was told to follow me . He never mentioned by who though . He actually gave me a hug and apologized after realizing that I had not one item from any food-lion . His reply was shit , I am sorry man . Shit . I have to do a incident report that is going to take 15 fucking minutes . From that point I decided to take that long walk home .

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Suggested solution:

1) Store managers should know who they have working at their locations . We were told that majority of the security do not sign in so it was a hassle to retrieve any information on this guy .

2) All employees should be trained on bias . Why was I later targeted after being given the green light , to leave the building ?

3) I feel as if I should be compensated for mental anguish . I am still seeking therapy for recently related injuries to the right hand and right side of the face head .

4) Who ever falsely accused I of stealing should be identified and held accountable for causing for the party .

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