Food Lion complaint: Believe employees were watching my daughter and myself at the self checkout to much sure we paid for the items

Complaint from McCants reported on 19 August 2023 about Food Lion

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My complaint:

My daughter and myself were at the self check out and noticed that the cashier at the regular cash register had stepped around were she could see us checking out, the self checkout cashier came over, and I also noticed maybe the manager on duty with a black jacket standing near by in the isle. I felt like they were watching us because we were black. I noticed they did not watch the whites customers, as much as, they watched us.

I shop at Food Lion stores and this has never happen to me. I do have a Food Lion MVP card which most customers who shop Food Lion stores carry. I am disturbed about the behavior of Food Lion employees and it also left my daughter very disturbed.

Suggested solution:

Training employees at Elkton, Va. All backs do not steal.

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