Fiverr complaint: Unfair and no reason for cancellation

on 15 September 2023 about Fiverr in category Employment

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My complaint:

I’m working on fiverr for half year, this is the 2nd time the 2 orders (out of 4 total) were cancelled by fiverr support team, the recent cancellation had no reason attached with it which is totally understandable because they had no reason.

When I asked them they simply said I broke the guidelines and I asked for proof and they had none, later they’re ignoring me like I don’t exist. I should be given my hard earned money and I don’t deserve to be treated like this.

Order Number: FO3B89AFB041

Suggested solution:

Look throughly into matter before doing cancellation and they’ll realise what they’re doing is totally unfair. Give my hard earned money and order status back.

Unfair and no reason for cancellation
Unfair and no reason for cancellation
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Comment by poster of the complaint Its_adnanali

1 week ago - It’s been more than 3 days they’ve stopped replying me and providing any proof that support their decision.

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