FedEx complaint: Package left in the driveway and not at the front door.

Complaint from TLane reported on 02 March 2024 about FedEx

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My complaint:

On 2/29/2024, approximately an hour ago, a package was delivered to my home. Unfortunately, the female driver stopped short of the front of the house in the driveway. She pulled the package out of the back of her van and dropped the package in the driveway without making an effort to leave it at the front door. I understand if the package was too heavy for her, then it should have been a man assigned to the shipment. It’s frustrating for me to see a package sitting in the middle of my driveway away from my door. We do have people that ride around the neighborhood looking to steal packages.

I have pic and the ring doorbell to prove it as well.

Suggested solution:

I think the driver need to be corrected to ensure in the future that packages are delivered to the front door. That will cut down on the number of packages that stolen.

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