FedEx complaint: Drugs and alcohol use

Complaint from BabymaL456 reported on 26 July 2023 about FedEx

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My complaint:

They use our urine for an drug test at Fed Ex. My son just told me. He doesn’t even take care of his kids but uses Jacob our son urine. I am his babyma and yes he on drugs and alcoholic. I saw him Tuesday evening it was after 7pm drunk while driving FedEx truck. Who tell there child to pee in an cup. Do hair test because he took something at first in front of me to clean his system, but then my son tell me daddy had me pee in an cup.

Suggested solution:

Fire him he makes FedEx look bad. Just look at his uniform, he never wash it, he insisted get high. I want him fire for disrespect our son by using his pee to pass an drug test not cool. And I call DCF on him for that too. He be everywhere in the FedEx truck after hours. Me and him was in the truck smoking an couple times

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