FedEx complaint: Driver blasts music from truck

Complaint from Trying towork reported on 02 November 2023 about FedEx

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My complaint:

At 9:30 AM on Nov. 2nd this particular driver blasts his music from his truck so loud that I can hear it in my home houses away with my windows closed from where he is delivering. I have told him about this in the past and asked him not to blast his music when driving thru a neighborhood, he just smirked Obviously, he ignored me and is continuing this annoying, self-centered, careless practice. I work from home and your driver unprofessional behavior is unacceptable You need to tell him to stop playing his music and train your drivers to be respectful of other people. Please take care of this. It gives FedEx and bad name.

Suggested solution:

Tell the driver to stop blasting his music thru my neighborhood!

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