Complaint: Extremely Dirty Deli Section, (Broken Health Code)

on 12 April 2021 about Stop and Shop in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I have 2 complaints, the biggest one is the Deli section. I visit this store often, but first time deli section. I was there Easter Sunday afternoon. Bought 1 pound boars head turkey, and 1 pound mozzarella cheese. One lady working at counter, I believe 4 slicing stations facing the costumer, each slicer was absolutely filthy. My prospective is they clean only for closing. This is the biggest cross contamination I have ever seen. Each slicing table had a huge garbage can right next to the slicing table, that were full. No garbage cans allowed near food preparation people, you don’t have to be a inspector to know that. The associate was not wearing clean outfit.The problem is on my many visits I see a number of managers working and walking around. I’m totally disgusted. I’m a working man, and I hate to complaint about front line employees during this pandemic, but this is a health issue of its own.I belong to a neighborhood website and I mentioned this, I had over 2 dozen folks agreeing, not only that but it was at least 2 or 3 stop and shops near our neighborhood as well. Where is the health inspector? My next step will be to contact them as well.
Number 2. I bought 4 cream doughnuts, when my kid attempted to eat them, the cream inside was almost solid. I t had to be at least 4 or more days old. Shame, you got me once, not again ever. I didn’t report or return, because, I have a temper and promised my wife years ago not to do so.

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Suggested solution:

Clean the bloody store. Clean as you go in deli section get rid of trash next to slicing machine, train your employees, terminate your management if they don't know how to do their job well, make sure staff has clean uniforms or aprons, or send them home.
As far as the old doughnuts, do I really need to make a suggestion. In New York food thats not used is donated to the hungry, not kept for four days or more to make a profit. You made a profit but you lost a costumer...

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