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on 09 September 2023 about Extended Stay America in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

Paid for room over phone for my friend had her down as main guest to check in so had to have me go there cause employee said she was not on list . Well get tell her she has for my ID I present my ID did she ask for credit card that I used I present the cards I use this she proceeds to tell me that she cannot accept that card then I have to give $100 deposit and throws my card at me.

I tell her I want to talk to her manager in the morning she sees to give me a car that says Lucci games on it and throws it at me when it hits the floor and tells me that my service is on a long longer needed there and I need to get out I don’t I don’t accept the way that I was talking to or appreciate how I was treated from this employe I’ve attached a photo copy of the picture that has to where Monica Mitchell was the main guest to check in that where I didn’t even have to go down there or anything but this lady proceeded on having me get out and at 11:30 12:00 at night and come down thereeand I want something done about it

Suggested solution:

I wish to have this employee reprimanded or fired for the way that she treated me in my guest and I feel that I should be able to get some kind of a reimbursement from the way she treated me cuz that was very disrespectful and I\'m not I\'m human being you don\'t have to throw my stuff at me and talk to me like that because I am the paying customer I am making her paycheck for her

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