Evri complaint: Lost My Work Parcel

Complaint from Maria555 reported on 26 March 2024 about Evri

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My complaint:

I sent a parcel on 21 Mar and fully insured it when paying for the postage for next day delivery, 10 days later. After numerous amount of automated chats and calls; as you cannot speak to a human being in Evri, their Customer Services emailed me telling me my parcel is lost, and I should claim for it but all the links for a claim form are not valid, nor I can find anywhere on their website how to claim for my missing parcel that is fully insured. Surely there are plenty of insurance fraud and violations evidence to this that are being committed here by not being able to claim for an item I have fully insured. Not even starting on my company’s reputational damage this is causing due to time sensitivity of this shipment arrival to destination.
I also contacted by email the operational managers Dan Goulding and Lee Mcdowall who decided to ignore my email.
I am planning to escalate this to top management at Evri and will not stop until something is done about this incompetency.

Suggested solution:

Find and deliver my shipment or send me the value of the shipment that has been insured for £700.

Evri complaint Lost My Work Parcel
Evri complaint Lost My Work Parcel
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