Evri complaint: Different name, same poor customer service

Complaint from clint2880 reported on 18 April 2024 about Evri

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My complaint:

After attempting a Saturday delivery to a business address, the only way to try and let someone know to only deliver Monday – Friday was using the appalling chatbot. I’ve tried contacting an actual person several times, which is impossible via both the chat and phone (even though their website specifically states ‘talk or chat to an advisor’).

Tracking has not been updated for nearly a week, and I’ve had ZERO correspondence with regards to the contact that I have attempted to make, yet their bots assure me it is in hand, and someone is dealing with your enquiry – I think not.

Sham of a company – it’s cheap for a reason. I just wish people would stop using them and keep giving them the excuse to still be in existence.

Suggested solution:

By actually trying to deliver my parcel, or at least telling me when they're going to attempt redelivery.

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