Etsy complaint: Can not return or get help.

Complaint from Harbinder reported on 14 February 2024 about Etsy

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My complaint:

I bought items that are not fit for purpose and have contacted help and support that did not believe and made me feel like a liar. Continually explained and they did not help. I sent in proof and still they do not see I bought from them. I am shocked and horrified they are so unprofessional and do not want to do returns. I contacted they help in messages and this is because the online service is not easy to do returns so I went to support . I have multiple returns and I can not add all the pictures here please send me a link I can give to the list. Also Etsy sent me pillow cases I did not order and I offered to return them as a good will gesture and I did not want to keep some not paid for. And to be honest I am not sure if I paid or did not because the way they have treated me giving me a bad service. I have statutory right and I have not excepted these good I can happily take the route to contact trading standards also I told them this they still do not help. The white sheets I ordered do not even fit the sizes I bought them for the double bed sheet may not even fit a single mattress the fabric is not good either.

Suggested solution:

I need my return immediately and for them to send returns labels to all the items I wish to return. One bedsheet had a mark right in the print that showed up on its own and another the design was different to the picture . Sheet I have not opened also they do not return.

Etsy complaint Can not return  or get help.
Etsy complaint Can not return  or get help.
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