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on 09 November 2022 about eDreams in category Travel

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My complaint:

Dear SirMadam,
Iam writing this letter since I did not get ation letter for my flight that I booked today (9112022). The booking was for flight from Schlphol (AMS) airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands to Pu Dong (PVG) airport in Shanghai, China on 26th of December, 2022. The flight reference number MU772 China Eastern Airlines. The ation letter was not sent in my email after I paid the price for ticket, actually no email was sent in my email since then. I set up account on the eDream site after I paid for ticket and still nothing in that account.

I tried to call customer service but since I couldn’t get my ation letter with reference number I could not contact personnel.

My email: [email protected]

The payment references:

Name: Odigeo
Description: DRZ7QBRN2CH3CH52JE5Z
IBAN: NL04ADYB2017400157
Reference: 09-11-2022 09:46 0180231319126220
Value date: 09112022

Please contact me to check what happened.

Kind regards,
Laurynas Vasiukas

Suggested solution:

I paid money for my ticket but I did not get any conformation letter neither that they received my payment. I have no idea what happened and I paid extra price for services for changing flight dates and other.

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