eDreams complaint: Air Ticket Scam

Complaint from sohail43r reported on 17 July 2023 about eDreams

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My complaint:

Dear Sir,
I hope this mail find you well.

This is to inform you about a serious scam problem that I have made a reservation from Skyscanner/eDreams.

Dhaka/Bangladesh to Doha Qatar. Which should be one hop connecting flight

they issued two separate tickets.

one from Dhaka/Bangladesh To Delhi/India
2nd Delhi/India to Doha Qatar

I’m attaching screenshots and ticket info for your reference.

Upon reaching the airport after 10 hour drive from another city, the Airport staff did not allow me to take the flight.
They said that my ticket was not connected to a connected flight and you needed a Visa for the transit country to use this ticket.
My visa to the destination country is going to expire on 14 July, I’m in serious trouble.

I have shown my boarding Passes for Air India which were connecting flights but still they did not allow it as it was not hop connecting destination.

I purchased another new ticket at a very high price at the same time to avoid the cancelation of my work visa in the destination country.
This is entirely eDream mistake, how they can issue such tickets to customers for flights that are not connected to each other.

I spent many hours on eDream customer support on the chat window. at last, they asked me to call Air India and tell them to cancel the check-in so we look into refund policies.

when I call Air India they said if we cancel your check-in upon your request you will lose a full ticket, and your agent should be made a refund request.
but Edream was pushing to call and cancel.

I checked the website of eDream for their phone contact but I could not find any contact number of their customer service to call except customer support chat messenger.
very poor and scam – I never face such an issue with any other agents on sky scanner. I have been using this site for many years.

I request you to make my full refund as it is entirely their mistake and now they are saying I should have read all the terms and conditions.

In the first place, Why do they have such kinds of flight connections which are not in one hop connection tie to each other? why they made two separate bookings?

It is an open scam and now they are pushing me to the terms Conditions and booking policies.

I request you please make my full refund, I went through mental disturbance and a lot of hassles that I faced at the airport and ran here and there to fix my problems.

eDream does not have published customer numbers to call except chat support which loses a lot of time to find how auto robot work,

I look forward to your cooperation and effort. i have attached all the documents that I have received from the dream via email.

Sorry for the long stupid email but I’m really disturbed.

I almost lost hope to catch the next flight due to having no money in hand, and at the last moment, I manage to find someone to make another new fresh booking.

Best Regards,

koysor Miah

Suggested solution:

I need my full refund - I have purchase another new ticket at a higher price when I was at the airport.

eDreams complaint Air Ticket Scam
eDreams complaint Air Ticket Scam
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Customer (@guest_7122)
9 months ago

I have had the same problem as you. And the people from the airlines at the check in counter also told me that many people faced the same issue. It’s ashame of them. Im still figuring out because they would refund just a third part of the whole payment I did.