Dr Pepper complaint: Your Product Is Flat!

Complaint from Linda Patten reported on 11 October 2023 about Dr Pepper

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My complaint:

I love your Sugar Free Dr. Pepper bottles of soda, but for every 6 pack I purchase, at least 1 or 2 is flat with no fiz and I am unable to consume it and I end up pouring it down the drain. I would like to kindly suggest that you contact your quality control supervisors to let them know that your product is being delivered to the Marion/Cedar Rapids, Iowa locations in unsatisfactory conditions and unable to be consumed by customer who love Dr. Pepper.

Suggested solution:

Please have quality control in my area research as to why this is happening. What would be really nice is to have coupons to replace the many bottles that I\'ve had to throw out. I can\'t give you a number because I consume 2-3 bottles a day and this has been going on for months.

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