Complaint: Rude!!! Over 2 pennies!!

on 31 August 2021 about Dollar General in category Convenience Stores

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My complaint:

I went in on 8312021. I paid cash. I tried to give best exact change as possible. Total was 7.58, I paid 10.60. When I was given money back I was shortchanged 2cents. I told the cashier he owed me 2 pennies. He makes a loud sigh…. turns and grabs some keys behind him and opens the register. He puts pennies on the counter.
No thank you.
No I’m sorry.
No have a nice day.
As he walks away I told myself he was the rudest person I’ve seen in a while. Not because of what he said but by his body motions. As he’s walking to the back of the store, 8 feet from me, I ask him for his name. He ignores me. I ask him again louder. He’s now 14 feet from me. He turns and says What? I say, what is your name? He says, my name? I said, yes, what is your name? He turns around and mumbles it doesn’t matter what his name is. I proceed to follow him at fast pace figuring he was gonna try to hid in store room and I knew I couldn’t go back there. So I catch up to him and ask him again for his name. He turns around and I tried to read his name on his tag which DID NOT have a name. I tell him he doesn’t want to tell me his name because he knows I’m going to complain about him. He says nothing.
I tell him he doesn’t have to tell me his name as he has purple hair and should be easy to identify. I walk out of the store.

I attempt to file a complaint thru corporate office. Store number 06641 would not be accepted by the system. I had no recourse but to file complaint thru here.

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I know it's hard to find good help these days. But if this is the representation of Dollar General that you want displayed have at it.
I've always known that when you cashier, if you are short or over, its still bad.
If he takes 2 cents here, 10 cents there, what makes you think he isn't skimming unsuspecting customers and leaving with 1.00 3.00 or even 5.00 a day?

Receipt on hand if needed

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