DHgate.com complaint: Seller zz88889 scammed me

Complaint from Maymjc reported on 07 December 2023 about DHgate.com

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My complaint:

so the idiot gave me a fake tracking number, the item was stuck on November 30th, it’s December 6th today. This morning there was no updates until 6pm today, all of the updates piled in and was “delivered”. The item was never delivered because it doesn’t exist. I was scammed. The seller won’t respond about him scamming, won’t give a refund or anything. I opened the reviews and there’s a bunch of people with the same issues. This seller is a low life and needs to be investigated and in jail.

Suggested solution:

Full refund

DHgate.com complaint Seller zz88889 scammed me
DHgate.com complaint Seller zz88889 scammed me
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