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Seller won’t refund me

Complaint from on 19 July 2021 about in category Retail Company

Hello, I purchased two pair of shoes from two different sellers. First one I received no issues. Second one from a different seller. I did not receive mg package and they refuse to refund my money. I have contacted the post... Read more


Complaint from on 09 July 2021 about in category Retail Company

Sent back an item but used the wrong order number by accident as I had 2 different documents, found out I was out of time but still contacted the seller to see if I could get my money back if... Read more

Shipping Fee refund

Complaint from on 08 July 2021 about in category Retail Company

I have been waiting since April, 2021 for a shipping fee refund that was the agreement per DH Gate arbitrationresolution. I have sent countless emails to customer service. I have sent countless requests to seller with no response. Customer service... Read more


Complaint from on 08 July 2021 about in category Retail Company

I submitted a complaint against a seller as the item I received was not as described nor the same as photos. After a long battle I received a refund and returned the item. I paid approx £20 postage and was told... Read more