DHgate.com complaint: Account closed and due £80

Complaint from rockhyrax123 reported on 01 November 2023 about DHgate.com

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My complaint:

I bought an item from dhgate. I very soon received a partial refund, about 75% of the price I paid. The reason for the partial refund was blank and there was only one item in the order so I was worried about this. I contacted dhgate about this and got a response saying that there had been no change in status on the item for 6 days so I could log a dispute by signing into my account. I tried to login to my account with dhgate but got a message to say that my account had been closed for safety concerns. I responded to their email, telling them this and they responded saying it was because my account wasn’t verified. I sent them all the information they requested for verification on 16th October. I have contacted them twice since to chase up but have had no response. Because I can’t sign in, I can’t raise a dispute to get back the £80 difference between the refund and the original price I paid.

Suggested solution:

I want them to reopen my account so that I can file the dispute and get my money back.

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