Depop complaint: Fake item refund

Complaint from pinkpopcolour reported on 25 September 2023 about Depop

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My complaint:

Writing to formally register a complaint regarding a recent transaction on depop that has left me feeling deeply dissatisfied and financially disadvantaged.

I purchased on Depop a Louis Vuitton bracelet from a seller with the username daniyal. The item was represented as authentic, and I paid £50 for it. However, upon receiving the item, I suspected its authenticity and decided to have it professionally authenticated.

To my dismay, the authentication process ed my suspicions that the bracelet I received was a counterfeit Louis Vuitton product. I immediately contacted the seller through Depop’s messaging system to express my concerns and request a refund. Depop acknowledged their wrongdoing and instructed me to return the item, assuring me that a refund would be issued upon receipt of the item.

I returned the item to the seller via Royal Mail’s signed-for delivery service, as per the Depops instructions. The tracking information for this shipment indicates that it was successfully delivered and signed for by him.

Despite the clear evidence of delivery and royal mail ation of receiving the item, I was shocked to discover that the seller has now informed Depop that they did not receive the returned item. This situation has left me both out of pocket and without the item I originally purchased.

Furthermore, I have observed that the seller has relisted the same counterfeit Louis Vuitton bracelet on Depop, which raises serious concerns about their integrity and intention to deceive other buyers on your platform.

I am deeply disappointed by this experience, and I feel that I have been unjustly treated. I kindly request your immediate assistance in resolving this matter. Specifically, I would like to:

Receive a full refund of £50 I paid for the counterfeit item.

Suggested solution:

I would like a full refund it possible and an apology from Depop

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