CVS Pharmacy complaint: Discrimination against patients

Complaint from Donald86 reported on 07 November 2023 about CVS Pharmacy

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My complaint:

The Female Pharmacist picks and chooses who she fills prescriptions and she Discriminates me by looking up my medication and not filling new scripts I get because she feels I don’t need it even tho my doctor wants me to have it that day …I’ve called my insurance and found out that it could be filled that day and then contacted her back and she still lies to me about filling it and leaves it till the next day when the male Pharmacist comes in who’s name is Charlie and does an amazing job and he informs me that it could of been filled but the other pharmacist must of not wanted to do it … the female pharmacist also argues with me about what medication I’m on and my doctor told me she has no right to do that and I feel she treats me this way because I’m young and not wealthy and she treats me like I’m a drug addict and she doesn’t even know my medical conditions I don’t think it’s fair that I have to feel uncomfortable and wait extra day with my medication because she judges me and makes me feel stupid and then lies to my face about insurance or filling it when I’m right there on the phone with insurance and they are telling me they can and then I bring it up to her and she starts questioning about my meds to make me feel like shit so I stop bothering her … please help someone I just want to get my medication like I should I should have to be discriminated against Bectle way I look and what meds I’m on I feel very uncomfortable when she goes thru my medication history and questions me about all of them I have made complaints to my doctor and wrote letters to the mayor hopefully this awful woman can be stopped

Suggested solution:

Please fire this awful woman or stop her from picking and choosing who she feels like doing Her JOB FOR

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