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on 16 July 2019 about CVS Health in category Healthcare

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I sat and called and waited online for 45 min the first time so i hung up then waited a hr later and called again and waited on hold again 30 min my roommate called and asked to speak to assist. Manager she said its filled i live less than 2 miles away, when i got to the pharmacy on bell rd and delwebb, they closed tje. Pharmacy doors as i walked in at exactly 7pm. I waited 5 days for 1 prescription to get filled . Im tired of waiting for them to answer the phone last time i walked in and nobody was waiting for no prescriptio btut yet they dont answer the phone . To me it pure laziness pharmist. I moved all my 8 prescriptions to walgreens.

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My solution is answer the ohones their is usually 3 or more up there working 2 are just usually walkin around doin nothing. Turn off automatied calls to pharmacy and make them answer the phone.

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JH JH (@guest_2021)
1 year ago

Agreed. although the ones at my CVS are WAY OVER worked, but still, never answer the phone. Also when electronically sent to CVS from my DR, always gets put on HOLD! they never “un-hold” it, and I have to call… I get the same thing EVERY MONTH, why cant they figure this OUT!

JH JH (@guest_2022)
1 year ago

Oh, and because i cant spend my day checking it, sometimes they are WAY late in filling it because of the on hold thing, so that then screws up the whole schedule, so the next time the Dr submits it, im told its too early (although, same thing as on hold), plus all the times they dont have it in stock, knowing i get the same medications month after month! i just spent 45 on hold, no one answered, then called again, 30 mins on hold and get disconnected. this is INSANE. We are the customers, hire more people for… Read more »

Penny Elswick
Penny Elswick (@guest_2781)
6 months ago

Why cvs put customers on hold for 30 to 45 minutes and then never answer. I am thinking about switching to Walgreens.