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Complaint from Prettygirl7780 reported on 29 April 2024 about Cumberland Farms

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My complaint:

I would like to file a complaint about your employee who’s a female she works overnight and she is not pleasant with customers she follows people around she bothers the customers and talks to them all the time she’s really rude and nasty hasn’t attitude and then when they close the store for inventory you could see her and another employee doing stuff in the background which is very unprofessional when they close for inventory I’ve been coming here for years and I’ve never seen anything like this she should not be working there and the store is usually open on time every time after inventory is done ever since she started working there she’s it hasn’t been open on time and she follows customers around she talks to people and she like stands on top of customers around the store they’re making purchases it’s very uncomfortable and very rude I don’t know her name but she’s the only girl that works there at night as far as it goes for the other employee Brad he’s a very very wonderful customer service skills everything he’s exceptional very pleasant never rude unlike her

Suggested solution:

They should fire that girl she should not be working there no customer service skills at all very rude has an attitude the only reason I'm complaining about it is because it's not one time it's a numerous amount of times that I've gone there and seen her follow customers talk to customers and be very rude with customers and as on top of them as if they are stealing so the resolution to this complaint would be for her to get fired and find another employee that's fit for the job she's not fit for customer service at Cumberland Farms

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