CubeSmart complaint: Wrongful sale if unit

on 24 December 2022 about CubeSmart in category Public Buildings & Spaces

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My complaint:

I was out of town working and tried to make a payment towards my account. I was told that partial payments would not be accepted. I contacted the facility by email as my work hours did not allow me the ability to call during their business hours. I was told that they would help to make sure I did not lose my unit. When I emailed about the options available, I was told I had to call that it could not be discussed by email. Yet, all invoices and notices, including the notice of sale was delivered by email. When I asked if I could give permission to speak with my mother about it, as I am 21 yrs old and working out of town and my mother is in the same town as the facility, I was told no, ii had to be the one call. Which led to my unit being sold because I was unable to contact them by phone, when all other communication has been by email. I requested to speak to the DM, and have yet to hear a word and was told they could not give me the email address of the DM.

Suggested solution:

They should contact the purchaser of the unit and do what ever is necessary to z return all items within that unit to me.

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