Cracker Barrel complaint: customer service cashiers

on 23 May 2023 about Cracker Barrel in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

I went to pick up a to go order at Cracker Barrel and when I check my order, I told cashier that the order a sweet potato and not a regular potato. When I look at the greens they gave me half of teaspoon and then she got very upsetting at me and being swearing at me, and I told her you are not talking to me like that I called Manager and let him know what was going on and told him then the employees start making faces at me and look at me very mean like I did some to her. I just wanted to get my order right I do not appreciate that somebody I need to teach her customer service skills take off the front.

Suggested solution:

I think I should have got my mail for free. I am not a freebie because of what happened in the young lady need to go to school and learn customer service.

customer service cashiers
customer service cashiers
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