Costco complaint: Rude and accusing behavior in front of a five years old

on 28 July 2022 about Costco in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

On 07262022 at 1540 I entered Costco with my 5 years old daughter. To give a little background, I was shopping for my aunt who recently suffered a minor leg injury. That’s why I was using her card as I don’t shop at Costco. After shopping and getting the items my aunt requested, we went to this counter to checkout.
When it was time to pay, I showed my aunt’s card to Deirdra to scan, she asks me where is this person? I told her, she is my aunt, and she is sitting in the car…Deirdra cuts me off and yells You cannot use someone else’s card, that’s why you were covering her face. Me my daughter was so shocked and embarrassed in front of several customers and employees around us that the only thing I could think of is an honest reply in my defense, I am not covering her face. But in reality, and logically, I was not covering her face, the scanning barcode is in the middle of the card, I can either hold it from the top, where the strip is, or from the bottom.
I told my aunt what happened, and she decided that we all should go back to get what we need. She wanted to get some answers, due to health reasons, I have shopped for my aunt due to health reasons and no one has ever said anything about why I am using someone else’s card. So, when at the counter we wanted to make two separate transactions because my 5yo wanted fruit by the foot, Deirdra said I cannot buy the items I want because I do not have a card. Deirdra yelled for the manager, and he had no answer for our common-sense logical questions. I am only here cause my daughter is likes few items you are selling. He kept saying that I should have my own card. To end this barbarism from Costco employees, my aunt ended up paying for both transactions.
Here are some other details:
Hawaii Kai120
Transaction ID – 220700006625
Op 8 Name: Deirdra

Suggested solution:

There is no way to resolve or make good for the embarrassment, humiliation and mental hurt that was done by Deirdra to my five years old but answer the following questions:
1. On an average, how many people shop at Costco using their relative, family member or friend's card?
2. By enforcing I should have my own Costco card policy, are you saying that each family member should have their own Costco membership card?
3. What if someone goes to self-checkout? Your barcode scanners has face scanner?
4. So please tell, why me, and my family was singled out and picked on for such an insulting treatment from your employees?
I need answers for all of the above.

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