Copa Airlines complaint: Problem with credit card system

on 09 September 2023 about Copa Airlines in category Airlines

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My complaint:

This morning I spent three hours trying to buy a ticket. I have been a regular customer of Copa for the last 15 years, and have recommended it to many friends, due to the courtesy of the employees. However, today I have a complaint. Three times my credit cards were refused. So I went to my bank to verify that there was no problem with the cards, and the bank assured me that both my debit card and credit card were valid and usable. So I called Copa back, because I learned that my cards were fine and usable. A kind gentleman tried to help me buy a ticket, but once again, my card was refused. This is not a good way to keep a customer! The people at Copa admitted that the problem ws in the system they were using. So if you want to keep me as a customer, I would advise allowing me to use my valid card to purchase online.

Suggested solution:

Someone in charge of the credit card payment department should see that the system is up and functioning correctly.

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