Copa Airlines complaint: Copa ticket issued then not processed, final charge didn’t go through.

Complaint from Kittykathey reported on 27 February 2024 about Copa Airlines

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My complaint:

It’s taking me 2 days!! 7 calls!! to buy a ticket, I am still dealing with Copa to process my payment, after I submitted proof of credit card statements and ID card twice and with 2 different cards to
3 different reps from
Customer service provided me with different information. Apparently due to many calls to
Purchase department, no one is giving me a good reason as of why they can’t process my payment. I was advised to use another card, it didn’t work. It’s definitely a pain to deal with Copa!

Suggested solution:

-Update the financial system or to have someone ‘a person’ to manually process the payment that is on hold.
-To have an escalation team to solve this issues, have someone to call their clients instead of asking the clients to follow up for the call.
-customer service informed that they are the bridge/ middle man sometimes they cannot contact the purchase team…. well Copa! use IM, chat!! Email!!! We are not in the 80’s anymore. I can’t understand why Copa has poor communication in between departments.

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