ComEd complaint: Electric Power Issues going on Day 3 with no response from ComEd

on 18 November 2022 about ComEd in category Energy Companies

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My complaint:

Three days ago, I started having blinking and dim lights throughout my house. I called in an electrician, and he checked several outlets, and showed me that the voltage was either too high or low. He when downstairs and checked the voltage where the power comes into the house into the fuse panel. What he uncovered was the power coming into the house was 147 on one side and 107 on the other. He told me to call ComEd to resolve and be careful of my appliances until they fixed the issue.

I called Wednesday night and they said, we will send someone one out to look into the issue. No one ever showed up or called so I called ComEd the next day, that is when they told me that they sent a ping to the smart meter and it showed the power being ok, so they closed the ticket. No call or text to me. I told the agent all the issues were still present, and he told me issues in the house were my issues, so I told him I had an electrician verify the issue was ComEd’s power coming into the house! He talked to his supervisor and said someone would be out Thursday night to looking into the issues. Yes no one showed up nor called. So I called them today and they told me I was on a list for Operations to review my issue and have someone to come out to look into my issue but could not tell me when.

So, day three of dim and blinking lights with no response from ComEd. Please help me so I do not have impact to my electronics in my house…

Suggested solution:

;Have a technician come to the house and diagnose the problem and hopefully fix it.

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