CoinField complaint: Coinfield Lawsuit

Complaint from arisgeo365 reported on 15 September 2023 about CoinField

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My complaint:

Dear all,

As many of you, I have lost a number of funds from the coinfield exchange and particularly from CFC coin.
As the company is/was registered in Estonia I think that we could all hire a lawyer in order to sue the company for misleading and blocking us from our funds.

If you are interested to join please let me know.

Suggested solution:

We should take legal actions against Coinfield as it is registered in Estonia (EU)

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Blaine (@guest_7333)
9 months ago

Yes please. I can’t find any information on this shut down. Someone needs to let John E Deaton know what’s going on.

felix (@guest_7366)
8 months ago

im in

8 months ago

Ya me too I’m in …..I don’t even know where to begin or who to trust or who is the right person or entity to contact to deal with this. while trying to not just throw more good money onto bad money and get nothing from said help. What I don’t understand is that for 6 years or what ever it’s been that I’ve been using coinfield they advertised so openly that they were regulated in Canada and Europe and no one from these regulator’s every had Any info saying they werent or seem to notice they were lying to… Read more »

Eric R
Eric R(@eric-r)
7 months ago
Reply to  Kelly

Exactly. When I opened my account with them in 2019 they had a big office with over a dozen employees in Canada Place in Vancouver! I also had no problems making withdrawals for the first year or so.

Pam1 (@guest_7396)
8 months ago

I am supportive of finding a’way for all to get our funds. I thought coinfield was registered in Canada? Does the CSE have a responsibility here? Should they be going after coinfield?
Surely our government can help? How can the government allow a fraudulent company to operate and cheat Canadians? Does the deposit insurance program work here?
I am unable to provide financial support for legal advise.

Frank (@guest_7439)
8 months ago

Yes I am also interested. We shouldn’t let them get away with this.

Monica (@guest_7455)
8 months ago

I’m in the same boat here.

grant (@guest_7506)
7 months ago

I too have been scammed out of my coins and cant find any path for accountability. The Estonia police stated that its not their problem.

Eric R
Eric R(@eric-r)
7 months ago
Reply to  grant

The Estonian securities exchange regulator wasn’t much help either.

Last edited 7 months ago by Eric R
Shawn (@guest_7542)
7 months ago

In the same boat. Can the Canadian government not investigate and go after this fraudulent company? How did they operate in Canada for several years?

Pat (@guest_7545)
7 months ago

Has there been any update on this? I just found out about this and want to take action

Eric R
Eric R(@eric-r)
7 months ago

Yes, I have also lost a substantial amount. I did hire a lawyer based in Estonia to write Coinfield a letter demanding they process my withdrawal requests but they never heard back from them. I also asked the SEC of BC to investigate them.

Rezniko (@guest_7689)
6 months ago

I’m in too. I lost so much money

Coinfield account holder - Victim of fraud
Coinfield account holder - Victim of fraud (@guest_7869)
3 months ago

Coinfield was successfully running their operations in Canada with required clearances from securities commissions of Canada with such big operations and now it’s been over 1 year they shut down and run away with our Crypto Assets. Government need to get our money back as they were allowed to operate from 2009 to 2023 in Canada. They cannot just shut down and steal.