complaint: blocks my account for some bogus reason

on 16 May 2022 about in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I was trying to withdraw some funds from my account and also asking for sending of tax statements by coinbestex. The reply from coinbestex was that some malicious activity was detected on my account and it has blocked my account. But, if I can send them 20% margin of the account (~$285,000) for auditing of my account (they call it margin review), then they will return the 20% margin money and release my account. However, I have to do it within 7 days. If I do not send in the money in time, they threatened that I will be blacklisted and report my account to FINCEN and IRS to abide by federal and state laws and regulations. I replied that I cannot possibly come up with $285K, they then threatened that they will have the liberty to freeze, seize, terminate my account and funds.

Suggested solution:

Return my principal which is $34,700 USD.

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