Coinbase complaint: not being able to use my funds

Complaint from reported on 17 October 2023 about Coinbase

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My complaint:

I made a deposit of $1,000.0 and $500.00 on 10/06/2023 into and then I was sent a notice on my conibase site that my account was placed on hold which I did not know by who but it sounded like it was from my bank, then a few days I was given another notice by coinbase that my funds would not be available until 10/13/2023, then on 10/12/2023 i saw another notice that my funds will be available to use on 10/13/2023 after 6:00 pm and at 9:00 pm I tried to send $1,400.00 to a company and then I was given a notice that my funds were put on hold for a security reason to protect my account, so I got on the chat line and was talking to Sravan about my account and she keep telling me that my account was placed on hold because for my security of my account and that I would not be able to have access to my account until 12/12/2023 I also asked her a a copy of the conversation we were chatting about my account and she told me that she could not send me an email on our conversation we were chatting about, I tried to get my money send back to my bank account for about 45 minutes but she said that they could not do that and somebody would get in touch with me in about 10 days at first and then she told me that someone would contract me in about 6 days.

Suggested solution:

I would like them to send my money back to my bank account ASAP along with interest which I should that they have been making with my money.

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