Complaint: I never received my money back.

on 28 February 2021 about Coinbase in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I called February 1, 2021 on a refund of 700.00 dollars. AnywY Peter Tylark was assigned to my case. He asked me can I let h into my account. First he took over 4,000 dollars without my permission without my consent. When I seen him do it. I ask what the F are you doing. He said oh your money is safe and proceeded to buy bitcoims then he said my case was on trial and not to worry about it your money is safe. Then he told me my case would be completed that Friday, to my surprise it wasn’t.. another 1500 was taken. I kept asking him about my money being returned. He kept saying oh don’t worry. We found 2 people who had hacked your financial account and it will be another week. One thing lead to another. I haven’t received my money and peter keep avoiding my calls. When he do answer back, it is I still have to complete your case. There is more to this story. But it will take up to much time.

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Suggested solution:

I want my monet back and peter disciplined or fired. At this point, something must be done

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7 months ago - Complaint is solved by Coinbase

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