Circle K complaint: Store not open

on 04 September 2023 about Circle K in category Convenience Stores

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My complaint:

This store is listed as 24 hr store but closed from 2 to 5.also they dont open at 5 on time.this morning it was 530 and 4 customers outside waiting so we waited and knocked and we finally left.thier coolers are almost always empty so I dont understand why they close for restocking.the outside is always full of trash but employees on day shift always out there smoking.the only nice person there is the older white man.he will go in the cooler and get stuff if you ask.i asked them to order my cigarettes and they act nasty about lady and her son always up at the counter eating subway food.its frustrating to drive 10 more miles up the road because this store is a problem and has been for a long time.i will send pics if I need to.espically irritating when they go out to smoke and talk but cant clean at the front doors,trash and busted water and cigarette butts as you walk in.been a manager for circle k and my store was never like this one

Suggested solution:

Put people in there that actually want to be in the public instead of acting like customers are a can say good morning and they just look at you.ive seen people leave thier stuff and leave because these employees are so rude

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