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Price Complaint

Complaint from on 09 May 2021 about Circle K in category Convenience Stores

Good Day, We have been shopping at this Circle K location for several years and are confused and unhappy regarding the cigarette sale pricing. Circle K runs intermittent Buy 3 pack specials on certain cigarette brands, however the price is... Read more


Complaint from on 05 May 2021 about Circle K in category Convenience Stores

the middle age gentle man working at the 32nd st and cactus location today 542021 at 9:00pm this happened. I walk in man is not wearing mask.dont really care but literally i walk up to him and until i put... Read more


Complaint from on 30 March 2021 about Circle K in category Convenience Stores

There were no beans on the coffee hopper. At all. Chilled creamers we're both empty. The floor was sticky. So bad that it pulled my shoe off. The line was about 20 people deep and the manager did not help... Read more