Complaint: Rude customer who may also be an employee

on 05 June 2022 about Circle K in category Convenience Stores

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My complaint:

On June 3, 2022, at approximately 2:45 p.m. I was at Circle K 9700 US Hwy 41, Palmetto, FL 34221. I was in a line of about 8 people waiting to pay for my purchase. I was fourth in a line which didn’t move for about 10 minutes due to customers at the register having issues with a credit card and another person playing his lottery numbers and being slow.

From where I stood, I was blocking the way for someone entering the front door to continue into the store. It was raining and I noticed a man entering. He had a walker, was wearing a full yellow raincoat with hood and also had on sunglasses.

As he neared me walking very unsteadily, I smiled, moved back a couple steps and motioned for him to go by me. As he was going by me, he looked at me and said; This is a big comedy farce. Watch me. Of course I had no idea what he meant.

He continued to the right side of the cashiers, about 5 feet away from them and about 10 feet away from me. Suddenly, he started shaking the walker like he was going to collapse on the floor. He started talking very loudly. Some of it was unintelligible but I did hear him say to the cashiers: Where’s the red head? He continued loudly asking for the red head. There is a female employee with red hair who was up front before he entered. She was not upfront when he came in. He pulled back his hood and kept saying things I could not understand. He didn’t smell of alcohol; maybe he was on drugs.

There were two little boys about 7 or 8 years old behind me. One of them shouted, Hey you have a roach on your head! He combed his fingers through his hair and a roach fell on the ground, landing on it’s back with it’s legs moving, so I know it was alive.

He picked up the roach and took two or three steps toward all of us in line. He stood there for about 10 seconds, turned back and threw the live roach in the garbage can where the hot dogs are on rollers!

Then he walked up to the little boys behind me and kept saying (not in a mean manner, more of a joking manner) Hey, you blew my cover!

He finally left. After he left I heard someone say the guy was an employee and the red head was his girlfriend.

Suggested solution:

Obviously, you have no control over who comes in and their behavior. But, when a person acts like that, loud, rude and sometimes unintelligible, the manager of the store should have taken action.
This guy made fun of handicapped people, was loud and rude, picked up a live roach that was on his head, threw it in a trash can where food is being cooked right above it, and approached two young boys.
The employees did nothing! They should be trained better. They are a reflection of their superiors in the company. I saw an I don't care attitude.
This guy has issues and has no regard for anyone but himself. If he is an employee, he needs to be fired. Even if he isn't, if the red head lady who works there is his girlfriend, he should not be allowed in the store when she's working if he's that type of person.
I will never go back to that station or any other Circle K.

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