Chumba Casino complaint: Scammers

on 30 April 2023 about Chumba Casino in category Gambling

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My complaint:

I want almost 10 grand and at first they delayed on updating my bank information for about a week and then after I got it approved and tried to redeem the $9,900 they sent me an email saying that I have two other accounts in that violates the terms and agreements and I’ve never used those accounts for chumba one of them is not even my email address the other one is my email address but I don’t use it and especially not for chumba. And so I told them to check the IP addresses of those accounts and where they’ve logged in or whatever and then when I try to log into chumba they said my account was deactivated they are doing this just to avoid paying me because at the very end of the email they also added another violation that apparently they’re accusing me of taking part in by saying don’t share your device or cards with other people or your account could be deactivated I’m never done either of those things

Suggested solution:

Pay me the money I won.

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Message from Bizzy from

1 month ago - Complaint is solved by Chumba Casino

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