Chumba Casino complaint: Closed acct

Complaint from Rockstarla5150 reported on 23 February 2024 about Chumba Casino

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My complaint:

I had filed my first redeem of $100 w chumba casino opened an acct in dec. Have been mailing in sweeps cards as well just had my first sweeps deposit recently. So upon redeem I was sent an email by chumba stating they found another acct in my name. I honestly had no idea and it’s very unlikely I ever played on it it had to be from some time ago. Soi wrote back and explain . I receive a response stating as anyone time courtesy they will keep my newest open and lose the other. I replied thank you and a few hours later I get another response from the thank you email I semt. Stating they have closed my account and canceled by redeem request for having multiple accounts?? Can they do that? Five. Two contradictory responses from the same ticket (which was then closed) after my positive response and then maybe repoed becaseu I replied thank you? I have about $120 in mailed sweeps not yet credited to my account that is now ckosed?

Suggested solution:

By standing by there response and keeping my account open like they said not an hour later give me a completely opposite response. To the same. Ticket inquiry ? Reopen my acct pls

Chumba Casino complaint Closed acct
Chumba Casino complaint Closed acct
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