Choice Home Warranty complaint: Choice Home Warranty should be run out of business.

Complaint from Shocked and Angry reported on 16 December 2023 about Choice Home Warranty

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My complaint:

We bought a house in October after a careful home inspection. The KitchenAid wall oven/convection/microwave combo unit developed a defective control panel recently and it was determined by CHW that it could not be repaired. They have offered in writing a Lowe’s debit card worth a whopping $667. KitchenAid still makes a similar function unit that fits the space. It varies in price depending on retailer but on Lowe’s price is $2999, not including installation, or haul away.

BTW, I have their paperwork which states clearly that they will not pay more than $2500 for “professional series appliances” which would be KitchenAid. $2500 would be in the right ballpark.

When I appealed the $667 offer, one CHW agent said the convection feature had not been included in their offer. The new offer, which they have not sent in writing, is for a $1081 Lowe’s card. I was curious if the microwave feature had been overlooked as well, so I asked how the $667 was calculated. The agent refused to tell me any information about their method of calculating.

So I scheduled a follow up phone call, which they canceled. Then I scheduled another phone appointment, which they also canceled. And so on for a third try which was also canceled.

I have now called the Sec. of State for NC looking for any information they can find on registered agents, licenses, corporate entity, etc.but was told they don’t see anything, nothing, not even a DBA. This is not over.

Suggested solution:

We want CHW to pay us a reasonable amount to replace our appliance and it shouldn’t be in the form of a Lowe’s gift card. We should be able to purchase at the best price and that may or may not be Lowe’s.

Choice Home Warranty complaint Choice Home Warranty should be run out of business.
Choice Home Warranty complaint Choice Home Warranty should be run out of business.
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