Chime complaint: Fraudulent charges made on my account.

Complaint from DShaheen reported on 13 March 2024 about Chime

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My complaint:

Chime is refusing to reimburse me for charges made on my account that were made after my card was lost|stolen. I reported this missing card as soon as I discovered it was gone, which was the day after is happened. I filed a dispute and per their policy and they immediately denied it saying there was no error made and just like that I’m out about 625.00 of unauthorized charges that were made. How is this legal to do this? I completely described what had happened and sent a copy of the police report I filed to them and they still refuse t acknowledge that they were fraudulent charges. I have requested more than once for them to send me the documentation of what they used to make this decision and still they have sent me nothing. I have re-filed this dispute at least 4 times and within an hour they send a form denial letter that just says the says the same thing Everytime which is basically nothing.

Suggested solution:

They need to thoroughly investigate that this is a case of someone had used my card after it was lost or stolen and were able to use it and I was ripped off for 625.00. I can't afford to lose this money because they don't think anything wrong happened. I need this to be resolved.

Chime complaint Fraudulent charges made on my account.
Chime complaint Fraudulent charges made on my account.
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