Complaint: mistreatment of staff

on 09 April 2022 about Checkers in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I have been shopping at checkers Heidelberg since they opened and always enjoyed shopping there for staff is friendly and always helpful. last week 8th April 2022 I went to the store with some friend of mine when entering the store we saw some staff talking and thought nothing of it but as we got closer we realized that one of the manager were being rude and plain forward descanting with a white lady one of the managers in the store we could see that the lady was in a emotional state. We stopped one of the staff members and asked them who that was and they told us his name is Themba one of the reginal manager for Checkers. Really its bad management there is boardrooms and offices for that and the way he treated her sis man then is no managers ass. I am a safety manager for an International company and I’m not even allowed to speak to my staff like that, it is plain and baited discriminations and victimization and violation of human rights. For this reason me and my fiend and their families will never shop at Checker again. Be assured we will be looking at things like this and if it happens again we will be recording it and will put it up on social media and even hand it over to carte blanch. I hope the lady is ok

Suggested solution:

Personally i would like to see something or someone do something about this

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