Cazoo complaint: One month in the Chertsey garage

Complaint from Nacho reported on 14 August 2023 about Cazoo

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My complaint:

I had my car for two weeks engine amber light came on. inefficient oil pressure. Went to the garage the first time after two weeks waiting for a space. Got the car back. Drove my car home as I got home. The light came up again with the same message. Waited three weeks to get car into the garage. They have had it for four weeks now. Every day I call and every day they say, my car will be ready by the end of the week with different excuses saying that they are waiting for a part. The latest is that they have the part, but they realise that they need a winch to get the engine out so they can fix it. And I have been telling them for the last six weeks that I need the car because I was travelling to France in the first week of August. For the last two months, I have been renting cars and it’s cost me a fortune. Plus paying the finance on my car.
Really don’t know what to do getting anxiety.
I’ve had to borrow a car of a friend to come to France.

Suggested solution:

Compensation for all the money, I have spent on hire cars. And if my car goes wrong again, take the car back

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