Carvana complaint: WORST experience

Complaint from jennamlewis reported on 17 January 2024 about Carvana

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My complaint:

I purchased a car through Carvana as I liked the platform and could only find good reviews. I now realize why that is, Carvana does not look for their customers to submit reviews. Through all of my research, the only way you can lodge a complaint is through an advocate that has relatively no power.

My experience was terrible! I paid CASH, the full amount outright. Carvana’s underwriters missed the review deadline resulting in my delivery being delayed and me having to repurchase the car. Upon calling, the customer service individual I spoke to ADMITTED to it being Carvana’s fault. He assured me on-time delivery and promised a follow-up email. When that email never came, I called back. During that call, the new advocate said there was no record of my convo and that she would reach out to the underwriting teams and the Carvana location in charge of delivering my vehicle and give me a call back that evening. Again, I received NO follow up call or email.

For the third day in a row, I place a call to Carvana. I finally speak to a good individual. She told me that the truck had been delayed and there was no way to get my car to me on the original promise date. This resulted in me having to buy a rental car for 5 days.

Fast forward to actually receiving the car, I was told I would get an overview of how to use my vehicle and I did not. Additionally, there was at least 2 mentions of a panoramic sunroof on the description and specs of the car. My car has NO sunroof.,

Finally, the cherry on top, the car came with both maintenance required and low tire pressure.

Extremely frustrating and disappointing experience all together.

Suggested solution:

I have asked repeatedly more monetary compensation for rental car, maintenance needed, and/or value of sunroof missing

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