Carvana complaint: Unacceptable!!

on 17 September 2023 about Carvana in category Automotive

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My complaint:

I want to make a few complaints but I will start with the day I had my 2020 GMC TERRAIN delivered was a little stressed to say the least…our truck was delivered with a flat tire…then I had to figure out how to get it to the discount tire because I have my Durango as a trade in so I had a 4yr old and now no vehicle in safe working condition…This was all documented by your delivery drive btw.

so after he left I phoned SILVERROCK and because I didn’t pay extra and purchase the coverage the lady wished me the best of luck and that’s it. they couldn’t and wouldn’t help me …I ended up getting it to the discount tire having to find a tow truck that would come and take me there and I have a 4yr old child that had to figure out how i was golf to do all of this and i was just a crying mess. I shouldn’t have to worry about my tires or the vehicle being serviced and ready for the customer who IS PAYING $600 a month which is way too high to begin with but that was my choice to go with your company and this is the thanks I get? Worrying when I’m driving will I be able to stop properly?

I had to pay out of my own pocket AND will have to purchase new tires which i got a quote for over $1000 due to the kind of tires they are. I was not and AM not able to even get so I’m forced to drive with these horrible tires that you say you check. This is not right and I’m never going to purchase from you again You failed to see the huge mail in the tire and sent the car to me anyway which shows that you really DONT check for things like you say you do …the delivery driver warned me that he had already filled the tire up twice before he even got to my house.

You say you put $1000 into reconditioning all vehicles but you couldn’t have because all 4 tires are so dangerous to drive on!!! You spray painted black on the bumper to cover something up…and I have a 60,000 recommended service that is OVERDUE it says done that includes 25 things will need to be done to my car that were not so I want to know what you are going to help me with since I’m a crying mess feeling defeated with a beautiful vehicle that was just given to me half assed The $1000 you say you use to get cars ready, clearly only $1.00 was used on mine and I want to know how you’re going to fix this for me 😢😢😢😢 Thanks

Suggested solution:

1. I would like for carvana to do the right thing and Pay to have all 4 tires replaced like they SHOULD HAVE BEEN before it even got to my house. The first car I got from you was the same way. Tires were balder than bald. 2. Or I would like for carvana to give me a month or two free from any car payment so I can repair this myself because there’s no way I can afford new tires. I wasn’t expecting to have to go thru this

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