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Complaint from Nicolepr12 reported on 22 October 2023 about Carvana

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My complaint:

I recently purchased my car with Carvana a few weeks ago from the Orlando location. I drove the car home for my 7 days trial period and discovered the AC did not work or the bluetooth. I tried to switch out the car for another of an equal value, but Carvana’s system was not working and a ticket was submitted for the error. I used their warranty to get a mechanic out to fix the AC in the meantime waiting for my new pickup date for the new vehicle. On the new pick up date, I go to swap out the vehicle at the Orlando location, and the system did not update it, so it appeared as if I bought two cars instead of swapping them. I was unable to take home the new car, and had to cancel that swap. I decided to keep the first vehicle, and just deal with the AC repair because the system error was not worth the hassle. I went through Carvana’s third party, Repair Smith. A mechanic came to my house and fixed the AC no problem. The mechanic said oil had spilled on the engine because the vehicle came with no oil cap. Even though Carvana claims to have inspected the vehicle, there was no oil cap and the AC was broken upon the initial purchase. I purchased my own oil cap after the AC was fixed. Two days later, the car begins smoking from the engine while I’m driving it. Turns out, the oil that had spilled was causing the smoke. I have to take the vehicle to a Pepboys Auto so the engine can be washed so it’ll stop smoking when driving it. After this the vehicle drives fine. Then later on, I see the recalls on my vehicle that Carvana had listed. Carvana could not tell me if the previous owner had addressed the recalls, or if they themself had addressed the recalls since they do their 150 point inspection. So I take the vehicle to a dealership to check out the recalls. They were fine. So after all of that hassle because Carvana did not check the vehicle thoroughly, I thought the car was fine. However, today, as I am getting errands, the battery light all of a sudden comes on while waiting at a traffic light. There were no lights on prior to this. Mind you, 3 mechanics have looked at the vehicle at this point and deemed it all good, four mechanics if you count Carvana’s inspection. The car beeps and says transmission service needed now and the batter dies at the intersection. I had to push the car and get someone to jump it. After the jump, the car dies again after 30 seconds of driving. And now I have another repair scheduled. I understand there is the limited 100 day warranty, which I am grateful for. But my complaint is that Carvana did not check or inspect this vehicle or list any of these problems on the car listing. I have only had the car for 3 weeks and all of the malfunctions have occurred but Carvana had a guarantee. I want someone to take a look at this issue because this is getting out of hand. Did I buy a piece of junk? Is Carvana selling garbage to consumers and hiding their problems? It has been very frustrating

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