Carls Jr complaint: Restroom use

Complaint from Ding reported on 01 March 2024 about Carls Jr

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My complaint:

Me John and my wife Lisa we just walk in used the restroom before we decide what we gonna order ,we came from Burger King but we didn’t want to eat anyway when I enter the restroom not even 5sec sitting a female voice said to me Can you get out someone want to use the restroom I said What? And she response You need to Hurry Up someone need to use the restroom pls..I said Ok.. I step out there nobody there just Employees…so I was upset and told wife I didn’t to eat here anymore…never in my life I feel violated or discrimination as customer.. can get a clear picture as I walk out..but I heard them saying rude remarks as I walk out..

Suggested solution:

What kind f@ question is that..didn't solve anything..

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