Complaint: Disgusting managerial conduct

on 10 August 2020 about Buzz Bingo in category Gambling

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My complaint:

Right, my friend and I happen to be very well known big slot players in our home clubs and are always welcomed with a smile and gratitude whenever we pop in. The coronavirus pandemic has seen a minimal reopening of Buzz Bingo venues so our next closest location was the one situated on Tooting high street, London, so we set about a lengthy journey to get there. Upon entering, we were met with an unfamiliar frosty reception from who I assumed were the onsite managers for that day but did not pander to their hostility and proceeded to go about my business. After playing on a few machines, my friend and I ventured into the upper tier of the slots area and began to play a couple of machines at £2 stake. It was conveniently timed that once we were losing vast sums of money in our selected games, the now far more engaging managers came over and proceeded to use a broken, embarrassing attempt at the English language to convey the message that we were indeed no longer welcome in the venue. Upon requesting a justified reason as to why my friend and I were being ejected from the club, the bumbling buffoons were unable to provide me with an audible response that I could reason with so we collected what money we had left of our ‘investment’ and ly exited the building. In all my years as a Buzz Bingo customer, I have never received so much as a warning from any club manager, letalone a spontaneous and wildly unexpected life exclusion from a venue for doing nothing other than sitting there and willingly losing my money.

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Enlighten the moron of a manager and his little side kick of the proper way to treat high rolling customers that constitute the gross daily revenue of all the cherished 25p stake punters that flood the floors of your clubs. I also believe there was an underlying racial incentive for asking us to leave as we were undoubtedly the only White British customers frequenting the club that day, so perhaps a stern word or disciplinary may wash the ill-founded prejudice from said manager's judgement. As titled, purely disgusting managerial conduct.

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9 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Buzz Bingo

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