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Statistics of Buzz Bingo in the category Gambling

21 total complaints
2.3 /10
12 votes

Complaints timeline

Bingo card cancelled

Complaint from on 21 December 2020 about Buzz Bingo in category Gambling

I have been going to galabuzz bingo for years every Sunday night at ipswich and at various clubs all over the UK. I started using online galabuzz and enjoyed playing if I couldn't find a bingo may I was... Read more

Manager dawn

Complaint from on 15 December 2020 about Buzz Bingo in category Gambling

Hi i had food in buzz widnes also had a drink i then went into machine area with my drink dawn the manager said that i can't have my alcohol drink in machine area but you can have... Read more


Complaint from on 21 October 2020 about Buzz Bingo in category Gambling

I withdrew winnings of £1100 and I have had to contact them to be told the withdrawal got stuck on the way to the bank and that it would be send over to the payment team, I find that really unacceptable... Read more

Getting fed up

Complaint from on 20 October 2020 about Buzz Bingo in category Gambling

So iv won on buzz bingo slots and have been trying to withdraw the money. They keep saying PayPal are refusing the payment yet when I contact PayPal they say there is no problems there end.. the money was returned... Read more


Complaint from on 12 October 2020 about Buzz Bingo in category Gambling

They have closed my local hall and the nearest hall is too far for me to travel to. I sent my vouchers to them for a refund they signed for them 9th of September and have not even contacted... Read more

Capping in club

Complaint from on 25 September 2020 about Buzz Bingo in category Gambling

Whilst in club as a nonsmoker I sit in a non-smoking seat.people sit there and vape.having complained to the acting manager her attitude was they can smokevape anywhere she was not in the least bit interested.therefore I,m not sure whether... Read more